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The Bean is one of the many small independent coffee roasters in New Zealand. All our coffee is roasted and blended by our baristas Pat, from the best varietals available, so you know it's good. If you have had the great fortune of tasting our coffee you can now order beans and ground coffee online, using our online order form. Coffee is despatched overnight to any address, New Zealand wide.

Choose from any of the following varietals and blends. Decaf is also available.

The Bean Roasting RoomGuatemalan Green Bean before roasting

Coffee varietals* from around the world

  • Colombian Excelso - Medium dark roast, distinctly aromatic with pleasant acidity; nicely balanced and mellow
  • Brazil Oro Fino - Medium roast, top grade Brazilian coffee, moderate acid, smooth and sweet.  A good blender
  • Guatemala Antigua - Light roast, lively and rich, full body with the complexities to make a complete and satisfying cup
  • Kenya AA - Dark Roast, a rich flavoured coffee with good acidity.  Snappy, full bodied, intense and smooth.
  • Papua New Guinea - Medium roast, an exotic full bodied, aromatic coffee, rich in flavour, low in acid.  Very special
  • Colombian Decaf - Swiss Water processed. A mild and balanced decaffeinated coffee.

* Varietal - a term describing an unblended coffee from a single country, region, and crop.

These may change depending on availability.

The Bean's House Blends

  • Bean Espresso - A spicy blend of the 3 Central American beans combined with the full bodied coffee from New Guinea and the dark Kenyan beans.
  • Pohutukawa - A hearty brew.  This roast has mild acidity, yet spicy with full body and flavour.
  • Flying Bird - An eye opener, a medium bodied coffee with a good 'Snap' enticing aroma and a clean after taste.
  • Jazz - An elegant blend of Guatemalan, Colombian and Kenyan coffees.  This blend is a shade lighter in style with all the rich qualities.

See our order form for current pricing.

Buy Online

Our online order form means that you can order gourmet coffee online from anywhere in New Zealand. We accept VISA and MasterCard credit card payments.


We can deliver to any address in New Zealand. Orders received before 9am will be dispatched the same day by overnight courier (North Island), or 2 day courier (South Island). Your coffee will be packaged in a coffee bag to keep it dry and to maintain its freshness while in transit.

Office Coffee

Treat your staff to the best! We supply coffee beans to the best places to work in New Zealand. Enquire about a standing order and account.

Wholesale Coffee & Beans

If you run an quality eating establishment you will know that fine diners will always judge you by your coffee. Give them the best! Enquire about a trade account and pricing.