Coffee Tips


Here are some tips from our barista to make your coffee experience more enjoyable.

How to brew the perfect cup

  • Always make sure your equipment is clean.
  • Quality is always important. This applies to the water as well as the coffee beans.
  • It is best to grind your coffee just before brewing.
  • Use the correct grind for your brewing method. As a general rule the faster the brewing method the finer the grind. An espresso machine uses a fine grind, whereas a plunger a very coarse grind.
  • Use the right amount of coffee - 1.5 to 2 dessert spoons per cup.
  • Drink your coffee soon after it has been made; reheating may cause it to be burnt and bitter.

Green beans ready for roastingGet The Best From Your Beans

The wonderful fresh roasted flavour will remain with the coffee beans for about 10 days. After three weeks your coffee will have lost about 60% of its flavour. Coffee stored for longer than a month may become rancid; it is difficult to brew a good cup with old coffee. Coffee must be kept away from heat, moisture and air.

Follow these guidelines:

  • Start with fresh beans
  • Store beans whole and grind as you need them
  • Store your beans in an airtight moisture proof container
  • Store your beans at room temperature