About The Bean Café and Roastery

Originally established in 2002 in a very small shop further down The Strand business area from its current site, “The Bean” Purveyors of Fine Coffee and Coffee Beans is currently owned by Wendy and Pat Wynne who are both baristas.

Wendy also works for St John Ambulance as a paramedic and was awarded a Meritorious Certificate for bravery in a rescue at sea. Pat worked in Rescue Helicopters for 18 years as Chief Crewman, has flown over 4000 hours in helicopters and was awarded the MBE for services to Search and Rescue and the community.

Now Pat is The Bean’s Chief Roaster and roasting coffee Beans is his passion.

“We roast beans from 6 different countries and blend them into four quite distinctly different flavors" says Pat.

All four blends can be purchased as whole beans or ground to your personal requirements, so you can enjoy great coffee right at home. “Many of the best eateries in the district and through out New Zealand are also serving our coffee to their diners”.

We operate a “La San Marco Leva Espresso” machine, one of only two manual coffee espresso machines in New Zealand this process is totally manual allowing us to maximize the flavor extracted from our own and exclusive new unique coffee blends.

The team at The Bean consists of Gareth who is the main barista, backed up by Pat and Wendy, Amanda is the person to speak to is Pat or Wendy are not about with Deb's our Chef in the kitchen providing delicious fresh food to compliment your choice of coffee. To help you behind the counter is Maddie, Jerri and Cushla with Bailey and Faith on the weekends

The main aim for Pat, Wendy and the crew is for you to enjoy the best flavors’ in a relaxed atmosphere.

As Pat says "It’s all about the coffee"